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A friend of mine posted a link to this blog post on facebook today. Although I’m not that much into Second Life and wasn’t that impressed with Caprica, I do quite like to see peoples ideas of future technologies and interfaces.

I find the designs that turn up hidden in films to be quite interesting and would love to see them in more detail but besides screen-shoots its very rare I ever see much more.

I have found the odd full render of some bits of work but there normally quite small in size. I’ve started another blog here for anyone interested in interfaces from films and games.

UPDATE: I’ve corrected my new blog link


‘Oh, the depths of “want” which these two shots of Caprica technology instil within me… Why yes, I would like to see the equivalent to a Second Life landmark appear on a sheet of paper, ready to whisk me away to a full-sensory experience.’

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Here is a Montage of many of the interfaces seen in Iron Man 2 thanks to Perception the creative studio the developed the graphics.


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Tony Stark’s PDA/Mobile from Iron Man 2

I quite like design of this device in general, especially its ability to control another wireless device within proximity. You don’t really see much of the interface or how it really works but from what I can see it doesn’t seem overly practical. I quite like the light blue on a transparent surface though, it seems to be the new ‘theme’ at the minute.

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Tron: Legacy

I quite liked the interfaces from Tron: Legacy, there quite simple and functional yet elegant and interesting all at the same time. The real world interfaces seem to be quite realistic, unlike most films, actually practical for a user to use.